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(for bip39)


(for IOTA Seed)

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Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to securely store and manage digital money in the form of cryptocurrencies. One guiding principle is:


The Easy-Passphrase-Saver (EPS) offers exactly the right solution!

With it you can save the 24 words of your passphrase (in principle the “password” of all your cryptocurrencies) safely analog and almost indestructible. And this with the help of a stainless steel perforated plate, which can be “labeled” by the special arrangement of screws and nuts so to speak. 

In addition to the ESP, we have also developed the ESS for the crypto-currency special case IOTA. Thus, the 81 characters of the Seeds (corresponding to IOTA the password and login to your funds stored in the Tangle) can be anchored in a similar way in a perforated plate.

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